Got any questions? Well, this page may just settle a bit of your curiosity! If not, feel free to ask bellow!

Q: What is Thread Bound?
A: Thread Bound is an Action RPG that crosses over multiple web comics such as Twokinds, Housepets!, Sandra and Woo, Uber Quest, Cheetah Kid!, Dreamkeepers, Simon and Freddy, Gaia, and many more to come!

Q: What's a web comic?
A: If your asking me that, then you probably have no reason to be here. But since you did, it's a comic that is posted in parts over specific intervals of time. Go read some.

Q: What's it about?
A: Thread Bound is the story a young man named Taylor who travels from world to world in order to stop a monstrous threat known as "The Woven" from taking control of everyone's "threads". In his travels, he encounters several familiar faces who would help him in his adventures to protect each other's worlds.

Q: Is this a fan game?
A: Yes, it is being made solely for the love of web comics. I do not claim to own the rights to any of the featured characters or worlds I did not make myself. This game is completely non profit, but it does not mean the effort put into it will be any less than I would into a "commercial" game.

Q: Does that mean it will be free?
A: Yup! The game AND the OST will both be completely free upon release.

Q: Is this a spin off of Kingdom Hearts?
A: Well, the concept of jumping between worlds and one monstrous threat was inspired by Kingdom Hearts, along with some game play features in the game. However, there are many features and details that make the game unique and differ it from other RPG's.

Q: What engine is this being made on?
A: The 001 Game Creator engine. You can check it out HERE!

Q: What did you use to make all of the game's music?
A: I used a Windows 8 app called Music Maker Jam. You can find it HERE!

Q: Is this a Furry game?
A: No. I am neutral toward my opinion on the Furry fandom. I see anthros as nothing more than cartoon animals. If a web comic with anthropomorphic/furry characters or a "Furry" web comic is in the game, it is for the sole reason that it had a story that I though was good.

Q: What is this game rated?
A: E+10, or for kids at the age of ten and up. The game has some dark themes and concepts to it, but I wouldn't want fans or  the writers  of PG web comics to feel uncomfortable because another comic is a hard PG-13.

Q: But how will you get around some of the "not PG" things in some of the other comics?
A: With the magic of censoring! Things like vulgar language, VERY suggestive themes, and intense violence/blood will all have to be either removed, modified, or minimized.

Q: But what if I think censorship is stupid?
A: Well what if you just dealt with it? *Puts on sunglasses*

Q: Why was Lucy Removed?
A: All I can say is that having her in the game sparked some troubles with having other certain characters also in the game. I'd like to keep the matter at that, just know that I tried my best to keep her in.

Q: Did you add Sesame because she was a female cat which would focus on attack?
A: That was actually just a coincidence. I had decided I was going to make Sesame a summon for Taylor a few days before having to remove Lucy. I'd already considered making her a party member when making her a summon so I though I'd might as well do it.

Q: Can I suggest web comics for you to include in the game?
A: Of course! I implore you to leave your input, I want to include as many web comics and fandoms as I can! Just so long as the comic isn't anything above PG-13. Just remember that I am human too, and may not be able to read all the comics suggested to me as it requires me to A: Read the entire comic, B: Have the free time to do such a thing, and C: Like it enough to read through all of it.

Q: What would qualify to be suggested to be put into the game?
A: ONLY WEB COMICS AND THINGS INVOLVED WITH WEB COMICS. It is a game about WEB COMICS, not web cartoons, not the furry fandom, not other RPG's (though some are referred to), WEB COMICS. If it happens to be a fan comic of a web comic, it has to be a FULL FLEDGED comic that updates in intervals and has a decently sized fan base. A good example would be the Housepets! fan comic "Housepets! 1X". If it is a fan game of a web comic, it has to be well recognized by the comic's fandom and be at least decent.

Q: Can my OC be in the--
A: NOPE. Next question!

Q: Could you add a scene for these two characters that I ship--
A: CANON SHIPPING ONLY. The game follows the web comic stories the way they were meant to be told. The only way they are altered are to fit the main conflict of the game or have a quick cross over. The Woven don't cause people to fall in love with people they aren't supposed to.

Q: When will the game be released?
A: It depends on if people are willing to help out with development or not. At the moment, only me and one other person are working on the development of the game. D-Rock92 has been helping me design the weapons, and he reviews the story and music. Everything else (programming, graphics, concept, writing, ect.) are all being done on my own. So at this rate it could take us 2-4 more years.

Q: Is there any way I can help?
A: There are many ways you can help. At the moment, I am in need of:
  1. character, monster, and tile spriters. 
  2. Sound effects
  3. Map Designers (?)
  4. Magic, Abilities, and Item programmers
  5. Visual Effect programmers and/or spriters
The programming stuff and map designing thing would require knowledge of the 001 Engine. The spriting would require me to tell you what sizes are needed, how they should be styled, and for me to give you character templates. If you are interested, contact me via my email at mason.hardison@gmail.com or send me a note on my deviantART.

Q: Where can I see new artwork for the game?
A: Either in the Art and Concept page or my deviantART, though my DA is probably the best place to see it *Plug* *Plug*

Q: Seriously though, why'd you get rid of Lucy?

Q: That's not an answer!
A: That's not a question!

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